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Information disclosure

Article 1: This system is applicable to the corporate information that the company should disclose and which should not be disclosed in accordance with regulations. After the information is formed, it will be reviewed and reviewed for confidentiality in accordance with relevant procedures.
Article 2 The principles of audit and confidentiality audit are "who is in charge and who is responsible", "level management and level audit", "openness is the principle, non-disclosure is the exception".
Article 3 The focus of review and confidentiality review is whether the scope, form, time limit, and procedures of disclosure meet the requirements of relevant information disclosure and confidentiality regulations.
Article 4 The content of the review is the accuracy, authority, completeness and timeliness of disclosure.
Article 5 The following procedures shall be followed for the disclosure of enterprise information:
(1) Propose. The information formulated by each department of the company lists the content, scope and form of the disclosure, and reports it to the relevant person in charge for review according to the procedures of checking at various levels.
(2) Review. The information to be disclosed should be reported to the head of the department for review first, and then reported to the leader in charge or the main leader for review. In the process of making official documents, a confidentiality review is carried out simultaneously, that is, it is reported to the person in charge of the confidentiality work leading group for review.
(3) Make it public. The information that has been reviewed and reviewed for confidentiality shall be disclosed to the public by the company office, and corporate information that has not been reviewed, reviewed for confidentiality, and registered for record shall not be disclosed.
(4) Feedback. After the information is disclosed by various departments of the company, various forms should be adopted to accept the opinions and suggestions of the public on the disclosure of enterprise information, carefully study and deal with it, and timely feedback the relevant situation to the company office.
Article 6 The main leaders or leaders in charge of the company shall, within the scope of their powers, review (check) and decide whether to disclose and how to disclose them in combination with confidentiality regulations. Before corporate information is made public, reviewers must carefully check to prevent information errors and omissions. If the public information review procedures are not in place, and the approval procedures are not complete, they shall not be accepted and disclosed.
Article 7: Information disclosed within the company shall be disclosed after being reviewed and approved by the person in charge of the leading group.
Article 8 The following enterprise information shall not be disclosed to the public:
(1) Those identified as state secrets and involving state security;
(2) If it is disclosed, it will affect and may cause negative consequences;
(3) Involving commercial secrets or providing them to relevant departments or units of the company on the condition of non-disclosure;
(4) It is related to administrative law enforcement and may affect the handling of the case or endanger the personal and property safety of individuals after disclosure;
(5) It is related to criminal law enforcement and may affect the lawful and fair conduct of criminal proceedings after disclosure;
(6) Those that involve citizens' personal privacy or that may lead to improper infringement of personal privacy rights after disclosure;
(7) Other information prohibited by laws, regulations, rules and relevant regulations from being disclosed.
Article 9: Information involving commercial secrets and personal privacy that may have a significant impact on public interests may be disclosed with the consent of the right holder or the administrative organ considers not to disclose it.
Article 10: Enterprise information that should be disclosed as stipulated in this system, if the disclosure may endanger national security, public safety, economic security and social stability, it shall be reported to the competent department of information disclosure for approval and shall not be disclosed. When it is not certain whether the information can be disclosed, it shall be reported to the relevant competent department or the confidentiality work department for confirmation.
Article 11: If the review is not strict, the public content is distorted, has a negative impact, and has leaked secrets, the relevant responsible persons will be held accountable in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and relevant accountability systems.

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